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South Dakota Notary Public Near Me

Notarize Your Document Online In:

Sioux Falls SD

Online Notarization

is 100% Legal

It Only Costs $25 For the First Notary Seal (or Stamp)
and $8 Per Additional Notarized Document
Witnesses can be provided and will be billed at $10 per witness.

What You'll Need to Notarize Any Document Online:

  • You will need an unsigned PDF Version of the document you wish to have Notarized. You must upload an unsigned document to proceed with signing. 

  • It is ideal for you to check with the receiving party of the document to ensure they accept online notarized documents. Although, remote online Notarization is 100% legal certain entities, such as lenders, may require wet signatures on certain documents.

  • You will need a non-expired State Issued Photo ID or a non-expired United States Passport.

  • You will need access to a computer or smart phone with both audio and video capabilities.

Learn How to Prepare for Your Online Notarization

Call to Ask About Online Real Estate Closings in:

Sioux Falls SD

More Information on My Notary Gal

About MNG

My Name is Carol Cavena and I want to be Your Notary Gal Online. I am a duly commissioned Electronic (RON) Notary within the State of Arizona. This means that my State has entrusted me with conducting Notarizations Online through the use of Audio and Video communication. I can Notarize a document for you virtually anywhere you are in the world as long as you have a good internet connection and a computer, tablet, or cell phone that connects to it with audio and video.

If you have a document that needs to be Notarized and the receiving party accepts online Notarizations, I am able to easily send you an invitation to upload the document to my Remote Online Notary Platform, Blue Notary, and complete your Notarizations within just a few minutes. 

Call me, text me or you can schedule online with me via my Calendly Appointment Calendar

Available to Notarize Documents in:

Sioux Falls SD 57104

Before you schedule, please make sure to ensure that the receiving party of your document accepts Electronically Notarized Documents. Although Online Notarization is 100% Legal there are certain types of documents that may not be accepted using Electronic Notarizations, such as Real Estate Documents. Please note, Notaries are allowed to Notarize any document presented to them and it is up to the signer of the document to confirm if the receiving party will accept an electronically notarized document.


There may also be instances where I may not be able to assist you. For instance, certain documents like Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, or other Vital Records. .  

Got Questions? Give Me a Call Today: (626) 340-5486

Industries or Documents Best Suited for RON


South Dakota Residents: South Dakota Residents can have any document they choose notarized online as long as the receiving party accepts electronic Notarizations. Many of the forms I receive online include school forms, minor consent to travel forms, bank forms, affidavits, work related forms, 401k processing forms, and more! All you need to do is ensure that the receiving party of your Notarized document will accept an electronically notarized document. 

South Dakota Attorney Clients: Attorney clients can save time, money, and client stress through the use of electronic Notarization for Affidavits, Power of Attorney documents, Divorce Documents, Estate Planning Documents, Parental Agreements, Trust, Wills, and even written depositions. If you have clients in further reaches or who are unable to travel to your office, you no longer need to hire a costly mobile Notary to travel to your clients. As long as the receiving party, or court, accepts online Notarizations your cost to help your clients can be significantly reduced. 

And, if you are one of those great Attorneys who wish to be involved when your signers are signing your document, I can easily invite you to the session. 

South Dakota Title, Escrow, and Lending: I can definitely notarize Real Estate Documents for you in South Dakota, however, if a lender is involved you will need explicit approval from the Lender and the Title Agency in order for me to process your online Notarization. Many lenders have not yet begun accepting online Notarizations as some of them believe they can't effectively ensure Deeds or Notes electronically Notarized at this time. By proceeding with an online notarization appointment for Real Estate Related documents it will be assumed you have done your research and received this approval. 

And the Beauty is Once We Connect Online, You Can Schedule with Me Whenever You Like In:

Sioux Falls SD

Or Anywhere Else in the World!

Here's How to Prepare for Your Remote Online Notarization

How to Prepare
South Dakota Blue Notary Online Notary Public,. Virtual E notary


Ensure The Receiving Party Accepts Virtual Notarizations &
Schedule Your Appointment. Most Appointments Will Take About 15 Minutes or Less

Carol Cavena Online Notary Public for  South Dakota


Be Prepared to Be in a Place with a Strong Internet Connection and Be Able to Connect with Me on a Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone that Has Access to Your Email

Notarize Online Today with My Notary Gal in South Dakota online notarization


Be Prepared to Enter Your Social Security Number, Answer a Few Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA) Questions Generated by Your Credit History, And to Present Your ID to Me Online

Tips for Online Notarization in: 

  • You will need a current driver's license or United States Passport & at least 5 years credit history

  • Being in quiet room is always ideal for Remote Online Notarization

  • If you are technically challenged it will be okay for you to have someone assist you, but they need to be present with you. The only thing they cannot assist you with is your Knowledge Based Assessment Questions

  • Remote Online Notarizations work easiest on a Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • Taking a good quality photo of your ID (front and back) prior to the session will help speed up the process will speed up your process. You will need to upload this photo when you are connecting so knowing where it is stored on your computer is important. Smart Phones also take better quality pictures than most web cameras. 

Sioux Falls SD 57104

Here are the Statutes Passed Making Remote Online Notarizations Legal in South Dakota

Legal Proof

Online notarization is valid and enforceable in South Dakota because of interstate recognition laws.

Even though South Dakota does not have a Remote Online Notarization (RON) law, South Dakota recognizes notarizations that are properly performed by notaries of other states. Therefore, an online notarization performed by a notary commissioned in a state with a RON law is valid and enforceable in South Dakota when performed in accordance with the laws of the notary’s commissioning state. The applicable interstate recognition laws in South Dakota are S.D. Codified Laws §§ 18-5-3 & 15-6-28(a)

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