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Online Notary Near Me, Best online notary near me

Notarize Your Document Online
Virtually Anywhere In the World!

Online Notarization

accepted in all 50 states!

 $25 for single document notarization
Complete notarization in 15 minutes!

What Exactly is Remote Online Notarization?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows you to have your documents notarized online without needing to visit a notary in person. Using secure video conferencing technology, you can connect with a certified notary who will verify your identity, witness the signing of your documents, and notarize them in real-time. This convenient and efficient process ensures the same legal validity as traditional notarization but can be completed from the comfort of your home or office.

How It Works:

  1. Upload Your Document: Upload your unsigned document using the link provided.

  2. Verify Your Identity: Follow step-by-step instructions to verify your identity.

  3. Online Meeting: Join me in an audio/video conference to sign and notarize your document using digital signatures and seals.

  4. Receive Your Document: Immediately receive your fully executed and notarized document via a secure download link.

What You’ll Need:

  • Government-Issued Photo ID: Such as a driver’s license or passport.

  • Device: A smartphone or computer (recommended) with audio/video capabilities and a Google Chrome browser.

  • Internet Connection: A strong internet connection for the virtual notary video meeting.

  • Time: Just a few minutes. The typical signing takes less than 15 minutes!


  • Base Fee: $25 (includes one document, one stamp, one signer, ID verification, and document storage).

  • Additional Fees:

    • $8 per additional stamp

    • $5 per additional signer

    • $15 for a witness provided by My Notary Gal

For Real Estate Loan Signings, Seller Packages, Will/Trust Documents, Asset Location & Recovery:  Please email for a quote.

Schedule Now on Calendly, using my scheduling link!     

  Learn How to Prepare for Your Online Notarization

To learn more or to ask about prices for companies needing the services of an online notary, please call 626.340.5486

More Information on My Notary Gal

About MNG

My Name is Carol Cavena and I'd like to be your online notary public. I am a Remote Online Notary (RON) for the State of Arizona. This means that my Secretary of State has entrusted me with conducting notarizations online through the use of audio and video communication. I am able to notarize a document for you virtually anywhere you are in the world, even California, as long as you have a good internet connection and a computer, tablet, or cell phone that connects to it with audio and video.

Experience counts: 30+ years as a notary public, including 15 years as a certified loan signing agent.

If you have a document that needs to be notarized, I will send you an invitation to upload the document to the Remote Online Notary hosting platform.  We'll meet in the virtual signing room to sign and notarize your document, completing it accurately and securely within just a matter of minutes. 

Before you schedule, please ensure that the receiving party of your document accepts electronically notarized documents. Although Online Notarization is 100% Legal there are certain types of documents that may not be accepted using electronic notarizations.  Please note, notaries are allowed to notarize any document presented to them, but it is up to the signer of the document to confirm if the receiving party will accept an electronically notarized document. 

Questions? Give Me a Call Today  626.340.5486

Industries or Documents Ideal for RON:



Many of the forms I receive online include school forms, adoption papers, Power of Attorney, insurance, adoptions, minor consent to travel, banking, affidavits, 401k processing, virtual post office PS 1583, deeds, and more!  DIYers, ask me about wills and trust document signings.  


Attorney clients can save time, money, and client stress through the use of electronic notarization for affidavits, interrogatories, power of attorney documents, divorce documents, estate planning documents, adoption documents, parental agreements, trust documents and even written depositions. If you have clients in remote areas or who are unable to travel to your office, online notarization is a great option.  You can easily be involved in the virtual signing room if you'd like to be present.  

Title, Escrow, and Lending: 

Streamline your document signing and notarization process using RON technology. Consider the efficiency of digitally signed and notarized documents returned immediately, deeds ready for eRecording. You and your clients will appreciate that convenience and security.  RON is a great option for seller documents.  Excellence, trust and customer service – I am committed to providing the highest quality.


The Blue Notary platform is 100% MISMO compliant and it is compliant with multiple industry-recognized security standards including SOC 2 (Type 2), NIST, and WebTrust, and certified to these frameworks by accredited third-party assessors. For those in California, Blue Notary is CCPA compliant.  Blue Notary is a Fidelity National Financial Agency Underwriting-Compliant RON Platform.  Carol Cavena is an independently approved notary for the Fidelity National Title Association (FNF) family of companies. 


Lien waivers, easements, MOUs, contracts, leases.  By digitizing paperwork and utilizing eSignature and remote online notarization, you no longer have to leave the construction site and lose valuable time on projects. Online notarization is a secure, legal and efficient way to get documents notarized from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. By choosing My Notary Gal, you can save time, save money and keep your construction company focused on the things that really matter.

Asset Recovery and Location Firms:

Don't waste your firm's valuable time searching the web for a notary every time you need a notary in another city, hoping that notary will be experienced enough to correctly identify the signer, be able to spot a fraudulent ID, and then correctly notarize a power of attorney form, or a set of documents.  Having a consistent and reliable notary can be a time-saving and valuable partnership.  

Here's How to Prepare for Your Remote Online Notarization:

How to Prepare
Remotenear me,  Blue Notary Online Notary Public, AZ, CCavena


Ensure the receiving party accepts virtual notarizations &
schedule your appointment. Most appointments take about 15 minutes.

Online Notary Public near me in AZ.  E Notary electronic notarization for minor consent to travel


Be prepared to be in a place with a strong internet connection and be able to connect with me on a computer, tablet, or smart phone that has access to your email.

E Notarize Online Today with My Notary Gal. Virtual  online notary now


Be prepared to enter your Social Security Number (last 4 numbers), answer a few Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA) questions generated by your credit history, and to present your ID to me online.

Tips for Online Notarization: 

  • You will need a current driver license or United States passport & at least 5 years credit history

  • Being in quiet room is always ideal for Remote Online Notarization

  • If you are technically challenged it will be okay for you to have someone assist you, but they need to be present with you. The only thing they cannot assist you with is your Knowledge Based Assessment questions

  • Remote Online Notarizations work easiest on a desktop or laptop computer

  • Taking a good quality photo of your ID (front and back) prior to the session will help speed up the process. You will need to upload this photo when you are connecting, so knowing where it is stored on your computer is important. Smart Phones also take better quality pictures than most web cameras.  

Here are the statutes making RON 100% legal:

Legal Proof

Arizona authorizes its notaries to perform online notarizations pursuant to Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 41-371 et seq., and Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 41-263 (effective Jun 30, 2022).

Accepted in all 50 states.  As long as I am physically located within the boundaries of the state of Arizona, you can be in a state that does not offer online notarization.  Because of interstate recognition, all US states recognize properly performed online notarizations of other states, as long as the receiving party accepts electronic notarizations. 

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